Acetaia Malpighi 意大利摩德納玫瑰白醋5年 (200毫升)Prelibato Rose, White Vinegar of Modena with rose infused 5 yrs aged (200ml)



以葡萄園中種植的摩德納特雷比亞諾和安切洛塔葡萄汁為基礎,結合Tenuta del Cigno農場種植的玫瑰中提取精華結合而成。 Prelibato Rosé 代表了一種創新的烹飪理念,是原創、精緻和高品質料理的好幫手。 Prelibato Rosé (Exquisite Rosè) 是完全天然的產品。 產地:意大利摩德納 建議食法: 可生用於魚類菜餚,搭配新鮮或烤製的蔬菜、甲殼類水產、貝類和魚子醬,或搭配新鮮或罐裝水果。 *享用醋時必須用瓷或膠匙羹,切忌金屬。 Dressing based on must from Modenese Trebbiano and Ancellotta grapes, cultivated in the family vines, combined with rose essence taken from the plants in the Farm “Tenuta del Cigno”. Prelibato Rosé represents an innovative cooking concept, concerning fish in particular, through an original, refined and high-quality dressing. Prelibato Rosé (Exquisite Rosè) is a completely natural product. Tips for use To be used raw on fish dishes, combined with fresh or grilled vegetables, crustaceans, shellfish and caviar or with fresh and canned fruit. To be tasted using plastic or white porcelain teaspoons not to alter its flavour. Place of origin: Modena in Italy