Acetaia Malpighi 意大利摩德納黑醋IGP (250毫升) Balsamic Vinegar of Modena IGP - "Oro" Gold (250ml)



摩德納黑醋IGP Acetaia Malpighi 的IGP黑醋是混合了自己釀製的陳年酒醋及葡萄汁,在手工製的意大利橡木大桶及酒桶內讓時間工作,陳釀最少8年。 具有圓滑而濃郁的風味、平衡的酸味和濃度。百分百天然產品,不含任何焦糖、色素或添加劑。 產地:意大利摩德納 建議食法: 配搭帕瑪森芝士片和梨、新鮮草莓、意大利飯、帶子、南瓜煎餅、生牛肉片和魚他他Tartar、壽司和生魚片都非常美味。 *享用醋時必須用瓷或膠匙羹,切忌金屬。 時間傳承了味道。 時間釀製了獨特的風味。 意大利摩德納黑醋代表的不但是食物的美味 時間讓它成為了是一個藝術、一個文化、一個歷史故事。 Acetaia Malpighi品牌 手工摩德納陳醋Artisans of Balsamico Acetaia Malpighi植根摩德納,由1850年開始,傳承了五代的配方及對正宗的堅持及尊重。擁有自家葡萄園,由種植葡萄開始,就掌握了醋的品質。 守護著3000個承載著傳統摩德納陳年黑醋的木桶。釀製出獨樹一幟的味道。 Balsamic Vinegar of Modena "Gold"​ is realized using the must of grapes from Acetaia Malpighi's vines and wine vinegar, aged in Durmast barrels for 8 years. It has got a round and intense flavour, balanced sourness, high density. A one hundred percent natural product, without any caramel, colouring agents or additives. Tips for use It gives the best of itself on Parmesan cheese flakes and pears, fresh strawberries, risotto and scaloppine, foie gras, pancakes with pumpkin flowers, meat carpaccio and fish tartare, sushi and sashimi. Italy Balsamic Vinegar is not simply a good taste of food. Time makes its an art, a culture and a heritage story. Acetaia Malpighi Malpighi family started a small production of Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena in 1850. For over hundred years, tradition and production secrets have been passed down from generation to generation till today. The Malpighi family produces its precious vinegar still using the classic wooden barrels, one of which dates back to Napoleon Bonaparte’s times! They takes care of more than 3.000 barrels where the real Balsamic Vinegar of Modena stands and slowly ripens. A short and controlled supply chain, that follows all the production steps, from grapes to final product. To obtain a 100% natural and 100% Made in Modena product.