Bioreal 有機發酵粉(泡打粉) 15克x 3 Bioreal Organic Baking Powder 15g x 3



"Bioreal 有機發酵粉(泡打粉) 15克x 3 發酵粉是傳統用於蛋糕的膨脹材料,可用於海綿蛋糕、曲奇及鬆餅等。有機發酵粉可以完全取代1:1傳統發酵粉、塔塔粉、或替代蘇打粉,烘焙蘇打麵包。 - 不含磷酸鹽 - 不含麩質 - 不含味道 產地﹕德國 Bioreal Organic Baking Powder contains the highest possible amount of organic ingredients.Other organic baking powders that are based on conventional tartaric acid / potassium tartrate use corn starch as the only organic ingredient.However, Agrano has succeeded in using not only organic corn starch but also an organic potassium tartrate (of organic grape juice concentrate) to produce the Bioreal Organic Baking powder. Bioreal Organic Baking Powder is characterized by the following product features: - Replaces conventional baking powder - Without phosphate - Gluten free - With a natural taste - Suitable for all types of biscuits and cakes - Vegan Place of Origin: Germany Weight: 45 g Certificate: EU

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