Bostock Brothers 有機走地雞胸 (300g) Bostock's Organic Free-Range Chicken Breast (300g)



Bostock 有機走地雞是: 無抗生素 無激素 無基因改造 無化學添加 無氯 雞群在有機認證的飲食中成長,包括青蔥的綠草和多汁的有機蘋果,以及自家種植的飼料,包括粟米和大麥。 Bostock走地雞比一般雞隻更快樂、長壽,肉質更結實美味。 Bostock尤其注重環境,對可持續發展農業充滿熱情。因此,他們捨棄塑膠包裝,改為使用可分解、由非基改的粟米及木漿製成的可堆肥包裝,即使被堆填,也會很快化成土壤。 產地:紐西蘭 Bostock's Organic Free-Range Chicken is: Antibiotic-Free Hormone-Free GMO-Free Chemical-Free Chlorine-Free The flocks thrive on a certified organic diet of lush, green grass and juicy organic apples as well as home-grown feed, including corn and barley. Bostock’s Organic Free-Range Chickens live longer, happier lives than regular chickens. As a result, the meat is better formed, higher quality & superior tasting. Bostock's care about the environment and are passionate about farming sustainably. So, the'ye moved away from plastic to compostable packaging, which is made from GM-free corn sources and wood pulp. Even if it disposed of in landfill it very quickly turns into soil. Place of Origin: New Zealand