SLOK Cupuaçu_60% 牛奶黑朱古力 SLOK Chocolate -- Cupuaçu_60% Dark Milk 45g



古普阿蘇(Cupuaçu),也稱為可可樹(Theobroma grandiflorum),是可可的近親。 和可可豆一樣,古布阿蘇營養價值豐富,近年來也被視為超級食品,甚至是巧克力的替代品。 處理古布阿蘇並不容易。 去殼比較困難,需要用手剝去。 它還有一個甜苦參半的特點,所以在製作時必須想辦法減少苦味。 但古布阿甦的迷人之處在於其獨特的口味和奶油般的口感。 這60% 的黑牛奶朱古力,美妙地保留了特殊風味並同時平衡了苦味。 首先,你可能食的時候會聯想到烤堅果和拖肥糖,中間有淡淡的苦味。 但是,當您細味時,您會發現它的味道始終不是堅果或拖肥糖,而是古布阿甦的獨特味道。 成份:可可、有機蔗糖、可可脂、Cupuaçu、全脂奶粉 產地:香港 Cupuaçu, also known as Theobroma grandiflorum, is a close relative of cacao. Like cacao beans, Cupuaçu is rich in nutritional value, has also been regarded as a superfood in recent years, and even a substitute for chocolate. Handling Cupuaçu is not easy. It is difficult to remove the shell and needs to be peeled off by hand. It also has a feature of strong bittersweet which we have to think of a way to reduce the bitterness when making it into bar. But what make Cupuaçu enchanting is its unique taste and the creaminess mouthfeel. We came up making a 60% dark milk bar to retain the special flavor and balance the bitterness. First, you may think of toasted nut and toffee with the support of faint bitterness jumps in the middle. But, when you rewind the whole tasting experience, you will be aware that the flavor all along wasn't nut nor toffee but the unique taste of Cupuaçu. Ingredients | Organic Cane Sugar / Cacao Butter / Cupuaçu / Cacao Beans / Whole Milk Powder Nutrition Fact | Per 45g, Energy 229kcal, Protein 2.6g, Total Fat 16.3g, Saturated Fat 3.5g, Trans Fat 0g, Carbohydrates 18.1g, Fibre 2g, Sugars 14.5g, Sodium 15mg ​*No added lecithin or vanilla. Keep and store in cool dry place. 本地Bean-to-Bar精品朱古力Slok Chocolate: SLOK 係由另一個好用心的香港年輕人創立的品牌,創辦人Sze Lok是一個黑朱古力狂熱愛好者,從Chocolate Lover到Taster,繼而由Hobby Maker轉化成為專業Chocolate Maker,透過反覆實驗、品嚐,選用特定烘焙程度及製作配方,研發能夠呈現不同可可豆獨特風味的產品。他的Single Origin Chocolate Bar及Drinking Chocolate,還有香港少有的Aroma-infused Bar;所有產品都是成份天然,只含可可及有機蔗糖,不含卵磷脂、添加劑或乳化劑,可謂絕對真材實料!而且朱古力味道仲係非一般,有小編從未想像過的組合,還得到2021-22年International Chocolate Awards亞太賽區特別美食獎項。

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