Curtice Brothers有機茄汁270毫克 Curtice Brothers Organic Ketchup 270ml



真.有機茄汁,精選意大利托斯卡納(Tuscany)新鮮採收番茄,連同蘋果、洋葱等天然食材製成,鹽份、糖份只有傳統茄汁一半,啖啖鮮茄滋味。 純素、無麩質、不含乳糖,並連續三年獲取英國Great Taste Award榮譽。 BBQ雞翼、燒骨、點醬一流! 成份:蕃茄* (77%)、洋蔥*、 糖*、蘋果*、白醋*、混合香料*、芥末籽*、 IGP摩德納意大利黑醋*、大西洋海鹽、 薑*、蒜頭*、辣椒* *有機耕作 organic and sourced from farmers in tuscany, curtice brothers ketchups contain only half the regular amount of sugar and salt that's normally needed--with freshly harvested tomatoes, apples and onions. vegan, gluten- and lactose-free, this has been the winner of the great taste award three years in a row for its fresh and fruity taste. A Must have for BBQ food! Tomatoes* (77%), onions*, sugar*, apples*, distilled vinegar*, mixed spices*, mustard seeds*, balsamic vinegar of Modena IGP*, Atlantic sea salt, ginger*, garlic*, chili*. *From organic farming

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