Daioni有機全脂牛奶 1公升 Daioni Organic Whole Cow's Milk 1L



Daioni有機牛奶產自英國威爾士的自家牧場的乳牛,家族營運超過50年,希望把最好的帶給大家、社區及整個生態。近20年更與有相近理念的英國合作社牧場合作,提供穩定有質素的牛奶。 牛牛在有機牧場上放牧,絕不使用農藥、合成飼料、殺蟲劑、激素、抗生素、添加劑、基因改造等。讓乳牛在天然環境下成長,製成100%有機純牛奶,奶味濃郁,有助補充鈣質,強化骨骼及牙齒健康。 英國土壤協會(Soil Association)有機認證 產地﹕英國 **UHT高溫處理,殺滅細菌** Daioni Organic is a family-owned producer of premium organic products, based in Wales, the United Kingdom. Daioni Organic is passionate about bringing goodness to you, environment and the communities for over 50 years Dedicated to the highest standards of sustainable organic farming practices and the production of quality organic products, we treat our animals and the environment with the utmost care and respect. This lies at the heart of Daioni Organic. Daioni Organic products bring you natural goodness. You won’t find any chemical pesticides, herbicides, fertilisers, or GMOs. Nor will you find hormones, antibiotics, and artificial flavours colourings, flavourings or preservatives in the products. As the Daioni Organic brand has grown, Daioni Organic has partnered with other like-minded British dairy farmers that are equally committed to thier organic philosophy to ensure a reliable and quality supply of organic milk. At Daioni Organic the cows are being looking after according to the highest welfare standards. They graze freely on pastures of organic grass and clover in the warmer weather. When the cold and wet weather arrives (as it does) the cows are housed in warm sheds with comfortable bedding and fed nutrient-rich organic food. At all times the farms follow strict rules on stocking densities, so the cows have plenty of space to wander freely, whether in the field or in the shed. The non-intensive methods of organic farming mean the cows only eat as much organic food, and only produce as much organic milk, as they would naturally. Soil Association Organic certified. Origin: UK **UHT treated**"

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