Earth 茶樹殺菌家居清潔液 (再生油) 1公升 Earth Antiseptic Household Cleaning (Upcycled Oil) 1L



廢油可再生 殺菌程度達99.99% 不含棕櫚油 呵護大地、雨林友善 全天然成分、完全無毒、不傷皮膚 以再生油(回收自合作餐廳,保證梘液質素)配以優質天然茶樹精油升級至具殺菌效力達99.99%的清潔液, 殺菌能力加強,消毒速度加倍! 強效殺菌 產品經實驗室測試證實,一分鐘內有效殺菌達99.99%,包括金黃葡萄糖菌、沙門氏菌、大腸桿菌等,絕對有效、無毒、可靠,大家可以安心使用。 絕對安全 天然環保 天然無毒配方,不含化學成份,不刺激皮膚或化學劑殘危害健康,而誘發過敏體質。 雖以廢油為主要材料,但確保不含棕櫚油,廢油升級之餘,也繼續對雨林友善。 Earth by Bella Sapone: 由2008年創立至今,堅持全天然製作。產品不含棕櫚油,不添加任何化學添加劑。用心、用愛,為大地及社區盡一分力,初心不變。 包裝:500ml x 2樽 產地:香港 Made with Upcycled Oil Kills 99.99% of Germs Pam Oil Free Kind to our Earth, Rainforest-friendly These soaps are made from Waste Cooking Oil collected in our community, and then are used by people in our own community; we call this Close-loop Recycling. We only use natural ingredient to make the soap, so we don’t harm our Earth, our Sea and People. The choice of oil affects the soap produced, so Bella Sapone, in collaboration with Chopsticks Company Limited, collect Upcycling Oil from partnering restaurants; in this instance we also monitor the quality of the oil. We don’t use palm oil, being rainforest-friendly. Tea-tree essential oil is added to the soap, which is lab-tested to have a 99.99% antiseptic quality. Earth by Bella Sapone: Founded in 2008, Bella Sapone ensures that all products are all-natural. They are palm-oil free, with no additives. We make our products with our heart and with love, with efforts to make a better Earth and a better community. This has not changed. Origin: Hong Kong

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